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KOMET @ the Polish digital education network

KOMET @ is a new digital education project in Poland. Expert network, publication database and the 1st Congress in Tarnów.

About the KOMET @

KOMET @ is a project of the City Association on the Internet. Applies to digital education. In 2018  was initiated the First Digital Education Congress in Tarnów. The association is known for from the projects of Digital Poland of Equal Opportunities. Małopolska Educational Cloud, Center for Education and Digital Creation Factory of the Future in Tarnów.

1st Congress of Digital Education in Tarnów

Unfortunately, recruitment is already closed, but the creators of KOMET @ assure that it will be a cyclical event in Poland.

digital education
1st Congress of Digital Education in Tarnów

KOMET @ as a educational platform

A few useful links
Project website
Fanpage on FB
Possibility to join the network of experts
Adding events related to digital education
Discussion forum

Why digital education?

Is a new and modernized form of media education. It is necessary to look at initiatives in this area. We see the need to update our field.

digital education
Expert network, publication database and the 1st Congress in Tarnów


Entries marked with this tag will apply to KOMET @ initiatives. Under this slogan will also be published materials on broadly understood digital education. We can define it as the education of competences to use technologies and digital media, covering both previous media skills and some modern IT skills.

Illustrations: 2018, KOMET @ (c) Permitted use

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