Media Olympiad 2016

The Media Olympiad (Olimpiada Medialna) in Poland

The Media Olympiad (Olimpiada Medialna) is the oldest Polish competition on media knowledge for young people.

The Media Olympiad – basic informations

Realized since 2011 by the New Media Foundation with the scientific support of the SWPS University, the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw (Institute of Media Education and Journalism CSWU (UKSW)) and the Catholic University of Lublin. The competition is under the auspices the Ministry of National Education. It is created in cooperation with the National Film Archive – Audiovisual Institute and radio RMF FM. We currently have the 7th edition of the competition. About the Media Olympiad in Poland was in the EMEDUS report, in the Poland country overview.

The Media Olympiad – stages of the competition

In the first stage, participants solve the test in schools. It applies to the same problems each year. Knowledge about media, information, presentation, debate and creation of media messages.

In the second stage, the participants solve the test at selected facilities of the University SWPS and other schools. This is 25 test questions and 5 open questions related to a given topic in a given year. They were, among others topics related to: public media, media history in Poland, citizen journalism. Currently, the topic concerns creating image in the media.

In the third stage, the participants prepare presentations on the topic given in each year. They prepare presentation plans. During the final of the competition, they present their proposals. They take part in Oxford-style debates.

The Media Olympiad – meaning for media education in Poland

This is a very important competition in Poland. We do not have the subject of media education in schools. Young people are interested in the media, journalism and social communication. The competition contributes to raising awareness, critical and creative participation in the media.

Other competitions

We should also mention the Olympiad of Media Knowledge, the Olympiad of Film and Social Communication, and the Digital Olympiad. We assist – as the Institute of Media Education and Journalism CSWU (UKSW) – in these competitions. They are very important for the development of media education in Poland.

Illustration: 2016, New Media Foundation (c) Permitted use