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Maurycy Bryx and history of Polish radio

One of the oldest website about history of Polish radio. I talked to her creator, Maurycy Bryx. Occasionally I would like to present some interesting media historical and media educational initiatives. 

Early radio technology

I’m interested in history radio technology and Polish radio broadcasting until 1945, world-wide until the beginning of the year 30s. In addition, hobby matter is a real challenge because it is exceptionally few materials for the above topics. Many photos or documents do not speaking about radios, it has its premieres here.

At that time in Europe there were a dozen or so pages on this topic, especially German and English, Swiss – Radiomuseum and of course American. There were no Polish ones. Development plans are currently publishing the History of Radio on Facebook – a short form describing the receiver in times in which

History of Polish radio – it’s my hobby

I treat the website of radio history as a hobby, why this topic? I deal with professional life, control, energy, hence interest also the beginnings of radio technology or the early form of electronics. In the beginnings of Polish radio technology Polskie Radio SA as an institution it played a quite significant and active role

The materials for the website are drawn from all possible sources: from grandma’s archive, to shopping at auctions and flea markets to NAC archives and libraries all over Poland. I started writing the website in 1999/2000. The reason was the next challenge this time technical – writing a working page.

Illustration: 2017, History of Polish Radio (c) Permitted use

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